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Sunday, March 22, 2009

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Okay, so you're going to your NASCAR race. Now what?

You need a list! A 'How to have the Best NASCAR Race Day Ever' list.

The page for Tracks is a great starting point. It provides details on each track, address, and map.

NASCAR tracks:

Jayski Silly Season Site provides some excellent details, news and background on each track. Race Tracks:

Your race tickets! And your pit passes. I know, I know ... you say, "How could I forget?", but the first and last thing you want to ensure when you make your race day list and check it four times are your race tickets.

NASCAR race day ticket credential holder. You definitely, definitely, definitely need this ... a credential holder. Trust me. It'll make keeping track of your tickets much easier.

Ear plugs! Think about how much NASCAR and the race teams invest in safety. And you need to invest in your safety, too.

Before you travel, stop by your local Home Depot and you can pick up a pack of safety ear plugs. The Soft Foam style of ear plugs come in a pack of 10 pairs.

Good shoes!

No matter what, you'll undoubtedly be walking ... a lot. From your parking / tailgating area to the track, around the track, to the merchandise haulers, back to your tailgating spot, back to the track, to the pits, back to your seats, back to your more tailgating, back to the track ... you get the idea. Make sure your feet stay happy.

Where is the SPEED stage? Check out SPEED Channel's website for the weekend and RaceDay's schedule for the SPEED crew.

NASCAR race scanner. Race scanner. Want to follow your favorite driver's in-car communication with his crew chief and spotter? Get yourself a race scanner. You won't be sorry.

The race scanners can be noise reducing as well.

And don't forget spare batteries for your scanner.

A scanner frequency - "channel" - list. Okay, so you've invested in your race scanner. Now what do you tune in to?

Again, Jayski's is a good source for your scanner frequencies. Make sure to print the scanner frequency list off before you leave for the race.

NASCAR race fan seat cushion. A seat cushion. The Superstore sells a number of seat cushions. Pick your favorite driver. Even though you'll be standing the majority of the time, you'll still be glad you invested in a cushion for your tush.

The Superstore provides a few different options. The basic seat cushion style has some great pockets and storage compartments that let me store my camera, scanner frequency list, spare batteries for my race scanner, ear plugs, and the other critical items you'll want at your seat.

The seat cushions have a shoulder strap for easy carrying, plus a seat strap to keep it from going astray in the stands. The NASCAR seat cushion keeps within the common 14-inch by 14-inch size limit. 

NASCAR seat cushion with cooler. And the Superstore has also recently started offering a cool new style of cushion that includes a cooler. Now you can be comfortable and keep your drinks cool. And this style includes a back. Be advised though - some tracks like Bristol may not allow the folding style.

A cooler! A good cooler will make you a happy, happy race fan.

Although at a big track, an easier way to carry your liquid refreshments might make your shoulders happier. Alas, somebody has already come up with a good idea. Check out TrackPack coolers I got mine at a grocery store when we when to the Brickyard at IMS.

The 14x14x14-inch regulation is pretty standard. Some tracks, like California are a lot smaller, so check the regulations in advance.

Not all tracks allow alcohol in your carry-in coolers.

No glass!

Allow time as your cooler will probably be searched on entry to the stands.

Water. Okay, I'm sure you thought your cooler was just for wobbly pops. But if you really want to have fun on race day, make sure you have plenty of water along, too.

Sunscreen or sun tan lotion. And of course your sunglasses, too.

Sprint FanView
If you don't have your own race scanner, consider renting one of the FanView devices at the track.

These rock and will definitely enhance your race day. In-car video. Driver and team audio. Stats. Did I already say they are so worth renting for the weekend?

Your camera. Why? Duh! To remember your great race day memories once you're back home. 

And don't forget spare memory cards for your camera.

Advil or any other necessary medications. Last thing you want is a headache to hamper your enjoyment of the action.

Ice. Don't think of miraculously finding ice for your wobbly pops at the track. Last thing you want on a hot day at the track is warm beer. Blah!

Stop by Wal-Mart for inexpensive styro-coolers that you can fill with plenty of ice, even from your hotel. It's surprising how well a styro-cooler packed with ice will keep your liquids cool, even on a hot day.

A Sharpie. ... for autographs, of course.

Laidback has some good tips for the track, too:











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